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Technical Expertise

Using our technical excellence and thorough knowledge of our clients’ industries, we provide a wide range of expert services to insurance companies, manufacturing and process industries as well as building facilities. Our strength lies in the endless combination of skills and services we can provide from a single source.

Risk Management
We use our in depth facility and technical knowledge to provide value to our clients' businesses. Working closely with our clients, we facilitate the early identification and treatment of commercial, operational and technical risks, helping to develop appropriate risk management strategies and assist in their implementation. We believe that the early identification of risks pays dividends in the long run as mitigation measures are invariably less expensive the earlier they are introduced. We aim to build long term relationships and continue to manage residual risk as required.

Consultec has a reliable track record as a partner in supporting the insurance industry in the settlement of engineering claims. As an independent third party inspection agency, Consultec works hand in hand with underwriters to evaluate engineering risks for Insurance Companies and advises them on the potential risk of the assets they are to cover.

We offer a full spectrum of advisory services ranging from insurance risks assessments, prevention recommendations to occupational health and safety audits.

Scope of services:
  • Insurance risk assessment
  • Insurance claims management and adjustment
  • Risk identification and prevention recommendation (fire, explosion, intrusion, etc.)
  • Verification of control and protective equipment
  • Fire drills
  • Equipment & installation inspection
  • Pre-design fire code consultation
  • Hazardous installations inspection
  • Regulatory compliance verification
  • Consulting for the maintenance of building, equipment and utilities
  • Computer network security
  • Occupational health and safety audit
  • Implementation of companies' safety & health care program
  • Working conditions: ergonomic, lightning, noise, radiation, ventilation and hygiene
  • Construction site safety
  • Machinery health assessment
  • Reliability study audit
  • Training

Inspection and Certification
We offer strategic advice in technical assets performance, process efficiency, energy conservation, hazards mitigation and health and safety. One of our key goals is to create concrete and measurable improvement in our customers' knowledge and practice. This, subsequently, will result in positive economic returns from better equipment utilisation and personnel safety.

We offer a wide scope of engineering services to industries as varied as the chemical and process industries, the food processing industry and power plants.

Scope of services:

  • Construction third party inspection for decennial guarantee
  • Periodic regulatory testing and certification of lifting and handling equipment
  • Periodic regulatory testing and certification of boilers
  • Periodic regulatory testing and certification of pressure vessels
  • Technical safety approval and certification
  • Engineering calculation verification
  • Non destructive testing
  • Energy audit
  • Quality control and audit
  • Plant commissioning supervision and approval
  • Building services commissioning supervision and approval
  • 3D laser scanning for plant surveillance and tank calibration
  • API 653 atmospheric tank inspection
  • API 510 pressure vessels inspection
  • API 570 piping inspection
  • Tank calibration


Machinery and equipment valuation
Consultec Technical Expertise's machinery and equipment valuation professionals are dedicated to providing clients with first class valuation services.  In today’s economic environment, executives require accurate and timely information pertaining to the valuation of commercial and industrial machinery and equipment.  Our highly experienced staff provides machinery and equipment valuation and advisory services to major corporation, governmental bodies, investment firms, lending institutions and banks. Our range of services include market valuation, liquidation valuation, insurance valuation and residual valuation.

Clients rely on us to provide valuation and consulting services for assets in a wide range of industries, including the following:


  • Chemical processing
  • Construction equipment
  • Animal feed
  • Food, drink and confectionaries
  • Manufacturing
  • Metal working
  • Mining and metallurgy
  • Pulp and paper
  • Steel and forging
  • Textiles and fabrics
  • Utilities