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Reverse engineering and Building information modelling (BIM)

Building information modelling

Consultec provides “à la carte” BIM and CAD solutions to industrial and building engineering sectors. We work hand in hand with promoters, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, construction companies and speciality contractors to integrate all the relevant information supplied by each and every professional into an intelligent 3D model that not only enables a seamless collaboration of the projects teams during the construction phase but also provides an invaluable tool to facility managers during the rest of the project life cycle.

We adapt to the project requirements and are capable of handling the most common BIM software and to work in an Open BIM environment which implies delivering common file formats like IFC (industry foundation classes) to reduce software interoperability issues and consequential delays.

Our scope of services include:

  • Project information management
  • Architectural BIM
  • Structural BIM
  • BIM Management and coordination
  • Laser scanning point cloud data integration
  • Quantity surveying and project budgeting
  • Construction and deconstruction simulation and planning
  • Energy modelling
  • 3D rendering and walkthroughs
  • 2D drawings
  • As-built models and drawings
  • Assets information management

3D laser scanning surveying and 3D modelling
Consultec provides professional 3D laser scanning surveying and 3D modelling services. Relying on our long experience, we offer wide a range of point cloud related products such as 2D documentation, 3D models, Building Information Models (BIM), and PDMS models.

We intervene in various sectors ranging from industrial sites, offshore installations and vessels, building and architecture, heritage and large scale urban regeneration to railway projects.

The fact that we own 100% of the equipment we use and by relying on our inhouse team of highly skilled CAD and BIM engineers allow us to process your entire data safely, guaranteeing the quality of our deliverables thus ensuring complete security and confidentiality. Quality, security and confidentiality are paramount within our working practice.

Our key areas of intervention include:

  • 3D CAD models from point clouds in various formats ranging from Revit, Bentley, Autocad to PDMS, PDS and Smartplant
  • Creation of up to date as-built 3D models and documentation
  • Clash/Interference checking
  • Condition and damage assessment
  • Data exchange with many CAD platforms
  • 2D drawings
  • Dimensional check and inspections and deformation analysis
  • Tank/vessel volumetric information and calibration
  • Tank settlement surveys
  • Quantity surveying
  • Insurance loss adjustments

3D CAD design & drafting services

Consultec's 3D virtual construction capabilities help to streamline the efficiency of both the design and the construction processes whilst increasing quality and reducing time, cost and risk.

3D CAD modelling allows components to be assembled and integrated into a global interactive 3D model, where the parts compatibility and interference are managed before construction. This method help optimising the implementation process and reduce the amount of site work and prototyping costs.

As with all our CAD services that we provide, our drafting services are geared to be customised to suit each client’s specific needs. All our drafting personnel follow strict CAD standards. These can be your company's specific standards, industry standards or, we can create a set of standards for you. Bottom line, your drawings are created for you just the way you want them.

Our prices are competitive and our services are professional. Whether you need occasional help or ongoing project support, we are big enough to tackle any sized drafting project, yet small enough to care about your needs.

Our CAD services support preliminary, construction, as-built, 3D, and presentation drawing formats in all major sectors, in particular:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Ship building industry
  • Industrial products
  • Building and architectural services
  • Consumer goods
  • Medical equipment
  • Jewellery and decorative objects

Scope of services:

  • 3D modeling
  • 3D CAD Rendering
  • 3D measurement & control and optical digitalisation
  • Reverse engineering and digital surface reconstruction
  • Volume and surface CAD
  • Digital CAD assembly
  • Wire frame generation & Assistance to FEM calculation
  • Vectorisation of paper drawings