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Consultec, Forward Thinking Engineering

Are you looking for a dynamic, reactive engineering company ? Consultec is your reference. Mauritian subsidiary of Ekium Group, based in France, Consultec offers a complete range of engineering services to its customers.

Consultec is your one-stop-shop partner offering specialised skills in the following fields of expertise: 

Consultec Industrial Engineering: 
        Process and plant engineering & design
        Piping engineering
        Atmospheric and pressure storage vessels engineering
        Fire protection systems engineering
        Civil structural engineering & design
        Electrical, instrumentation and automation engineering
        Lighting engineering
        Lightning protection engineering
        Quantitative and qualitative risk assessments
        HAZOP studies
        Environmental studies
        Project management, contract management, procurement management and construction management
        Project staffing

Consultec Reverse Engineering: 
        BIM (Building Information Modelling)
        3D modelling
        3D laser scanning
        3D optical digitalization and 3D measurement & control
        Reverse engineering and digital surface reconstruction
        Digital 3D CAD assembly
        Wire frame generation & assistance to FEM calculation
        CAD rendering
        Tank calibration
        Vectorisation of paper drawings

Consultec Technical Expertise: 
       Risk management
       Machinery and equipment inspection and certification
       Quality and energy audit
       Insurance risk assessment and claims loss adjustment
       Non-destructive testing (NDT)
       Plant and equipment valuation


Consultec Building Services Engineering: 

      Mechanical engineering
      Electrical engineering
      Air conditioning and ventilation engineering (HVAC)
      Plumbing engineering
      Fire protection engineering
      Lighting engineering
      Project management, contract management, procurement management and construction management
      Intruder security consulting
      Construction management